2. Exclusive interview with Jaish al Adl
Exclusive interview with Jaish al Adl

Exclusive interview with Jaish al Adl

Mepa News conducted an exclusive interview with Jaish al Adl Spokesman Hussein Baloch.

Mepa News | Haber Merkezi

Mepa News conducted an exclusive interview with Jaish al Adl Spokesman Hussein Baloch.

In the interview, the spokesperson of the group, which operates in the Sistan-Baluchistan region in eastern Iran, stated his assessments of the group and the region.

1. Can you introduce Jaysh al-Adl? Who are you? What is your goal? What are your ideology and methodology?

Jaish al-Adl is a popular movement to defend the material and moral rights of the Baloch people as well as the Sunnis of Iran.

We are ordinary citizens who have risen against the Welayet-e-Faqih government to realize our religious, national, and human dignity. Among us, there are members from all walks of life: Elders and trustees of Baloch tribes, scholars, academics, government employees, etc. That all people have suffered and have gathered together for one purpose. Which is to defend our religion and nation, as well as to preserve our human dignity.

We are Muslims, and Islam teaches us freedom and justice. Our Prophet has advised us to "neither be oppressors nor the oppressed ones." Our religion is the religion of gentleness and kindness. It is also the religion of honor and dignity. We defend ourselves against brutality, discrimination, and destructive plans of the Welayat-e-Faqih government against our faith, land, and existence. We are doing this with jihad on the path of Allah, which we see as a heroic part of our religion.

2. Tell us about the history of Jaish al-Adl. When and by whom was this group founded? What are the milestones in the history of Jaish al-Adl?

Jaish al-Adl was founded in 1391 AH or 2012 AD by our leader Salahuddin Farooqi along with some Baloch fighters.

Naturally, all the days of struggle against a government like Welayat-e-Faqih, which has set aflame the entire Middle East region and is even trying to lead the world towards a third world war on purpose to realize their apocalyptic ideals, are important and vital. Indeed, it is very difficult to fight such a government without any external support. But all in all, the current days in the country are the most important and impactful situations that we have faced.

3. What is the opinion of Iranian Sunnis and especially Sunni Baloch about Jaish al-Adl? Is their stance about you affirmative? How is your relationship with ordinary people?

I must explain that Jaish al-Adl mainly depends on two popular foundations: Sunni Iranians and Baloch people. In Iran, we are being oppressed for two reasons. One of these is sectarian oppression, and the other is due to being a Baloch. Throughout Iran, various Sunni citizens of different ethnicities are living, and they face exactly the same situation as us. I mean, one of the reasons that they have been oppressed and discriminated against is their Sunni madhab.

This common affliction has created unity between us. Now, there are brothers in our ranks from the Sunnis of Khorasan, Kurdish regions, Arab regions, and different parts of Iran.

Iran's laws against government opponents are very strict and harsh. Just a few days ago, the Minister of Information classified a Persian-language satellite channel abroad as a terrorist organization and warned that cooperation with it would lead to security charges. Now you yourself figure out the extent of the government's violence against the opposition.

I can confidently say that no opposition has tasted the anger of the government as much as our people and for the accusation of cooperation with Jaish al-Adl. On the Bloody Friday of Zahedan, the wronged praying protestors were brutally massacred just for chanting against the government and throwing stones at the walls of a military center, the charge against them was that they were members of Jaish al-Adl. Of course, this was a great lie to escape the responsibility for this criminal murder. I want to tell you that despite such conditions, people are joining our ranks in large numbers. Not only the Baloch nation but also the entire Sunni society of Iran and even many of our Shiite citizens are requesting membership to fight against the government. All these show the people's point of view toward Jaysh al-Adl.

4. The Iranian regime claims the West, Israel, and America support you. What is your response to these claims and your position regarding the West and America?

The government of Iran is an extremely cunning and deceitful government. In my opinion, in the current situation in the world, there is no government as fraudulent as the government of Welayat-e-Faqih. The US, the West, and Israel are not the only sides that we are accused of cooperating. In this list, the names of countries such as Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, Pakistan, etc. are present too. But I must say that all these accusations of the regime are lies.

The government officials and its propaganda apparatus in the Iranian nationalist circles describe us as "separationist/divisive" and say that we want to divide Iran. Among the sectarian spectrum of Iran, we are presented as "takfiris." On the international level and for diplomatic purposes, they describe us as "dependent on foreign countries." But all these are lies.

5. What is the situation of the Sunni people, especially the Sunni Baloch people in Iran? How does the Iranian regime treat Sunnis?

It's a fact that the Iranian regime is a government based on sectarian ideas, just like the ideas of some extreme scholars such as Mr. Khomeini and Khamenei. In Iran, anyone, whether Shia or Sunni, who objects to the reading of this particular spectrum of sect that has become the form of the government, will be oppressed.

In other words -as the government officials themselves admit- all Iranian people are categorized into "people with us and people not with us." Those who move in the defined line of the government are "with us." And those who move against the will of the government are considered "not with us."

But in the case of the Sunni people, there is a double oppression. And in the case of the Sunni Baloch people, this double oppression is multiplied. And the basis of the rulers' thinking is derived from the ideas that are obstinate and hostile against Sunni people. On the other hand, in addition to being generally not in line with the government, the Baloch people's ethnicity and language are also different from the government. It means that our people are in the worst situation compared to all countrymen.

If you look at the welfare, economic, financial, political, and educational indicators, as well as the distribution of power and wealth among the people of Iran, you will realize something. The thing is, our people in Baluchistan and the other Sunni regions are in the worst situation.

Our religious and human dignity has been trampled by the government. Our fathers have been killed while trying to earn a morsel of bread by buying and selling fuel. Many of our people have been executed for unjustified reasons. Apparent efforts are being made by the government in Baluchistan to destroy our culture and our lands. We also have problems regarding worship. In the cities outside of Balochistan, our places of worship are sealed for no reason in general. And we are deprived of having a mosque in the big cities of the country, especially in the capital. Sunni activists are being threatened, arrested, and sometimes even executed. To sum up, all our material and spiritual possessions are being threatened by the government, even our lives. Also, we are being shot by the oppressors just for shouting this pain out.

6. Demonstrations against the regime have been going on in Baluchistan for weeks. What is the purpose of these protests? How was the Iranian regime's reaction?

The purposes of these demonstrations are being shouted out by the people with the loudest slogans every day. People want the end of the Welayat-e-Faqih rule. Every day they wish death for Khamenei in the streets. The reaction of the regime at the moment is the bullets that split the heads and chests of our youth and make us all sad. But despite this, these cries continue every day.

7. Do you think these protests will serve the Sunni Baloch people?

During these fifty days alone, the people of Baluchistan have given more blood than all Iranians to overthrow the regime. Currently, one of the two people killed in the ongoing protests in the country is from Balochistan. That means that we have had the uttermost contribution to this revolution. When people make such sacrifices for a demand, which is the overthrow of the regime, they certainly consider it to be in line with their interests and the fulfillment of their wishes.

8. Do you think Baloch people will support your group more after the massacres against the protestors?

Regarding your question, I must say that after the occurrence of Bloody Friday, people's requests to join the Jaish al-Adl organization have increased explosively. Even we ourselves are surprised.

9. What is the power of Jaish al-Adl? How many members do you have? Why are you fighting against the Iranian regime, and why have you chosen that way of fighting?

You see, we are not an army attached to a foreign country, so we can't estimate our potential and capacities based on specific parameters. We are a popular movement, our power is our people and our faith. People who are angry about the government's oppression, discrimination, and violation of their dignity. We are reckoning all of the opposing people in Balochistan and Iran.

Iran's government is an intensely ideological regime. From the point of view of  Welayat-e-Faqih, people are of two categories, either "good" or "evil." Because of our madhab and our dissent from the demands of the government, we have been included in the category of evil! In my opinion, because of the classification made by the government of Iran, we have no other way but to take refuge in the holy order of legitimate Jihad, which is defending ourselves.

10. What is your strategy in this battle? And in your opinion, how will your struggle affect the future of the region?

We are asking for nothing but good for humanity, especially for Muslims whose countries and their security have been attacked by the ruling regime of Iran. In our opinion, as well as the fall of the Welayat-e-Faqih regime is in the interest of the people of Iran, the fall of this criminal regime is in the interest of humanity, especially for the benefit of the neighboring countries also. We request that the whole world, especially the neighboring countries, hear the cry of the revolution of the Iranian people and help them in the downfall of this regime.

11. Some Baloch groups are active in the Balochistan region of Pakistan. They continue their activities both militarily and politically. Do you have a relationship with them? Is it possible that you can have common goals with these groups?

We are not affiliated with any of these groups. Unfortunately, most of these groups came to Iran because they found the field for their activities inside Pakistan too unfavorable. Here, the Iranian regime took advantage of their situation. Some of them reluctantly, and some of them willingly became collaborators of the Iranian regime and the IRGC to receive money and facilities.

Sadly, these groups started a war against us with the insinuation of the IRGC. Among these incidents, in 2017, "BLF/BRA" groups attacked our forces in the Bam Pasht area with the insinuation of the IRGC. And they claimed that they killed 11 of our troops. Their leaders, named "Dr. Allah Nazar" and "Brahamdagh Bugti" issued a statement against us and declared war on us. In addition, unfortunately, they have caused us some trouble many times during this period.

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