Taliban: We will not allow foreign presence in Afghanistan, including Turkey

Taliban: We will not allow foreign presence in Afghanistan, including Turkey

Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid answered the questions about Turkey's possible Afghanistan mission.

Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid answered the questions about Turkey's possible Afghanistan mission.

Mujahid, who answered Mepa News's questions, explicated their stance about Turkey's plans about securing Kabul International Airport:

- After the Erdogan-Biden meeting, Erdogan made a statement. He said that "Turkey can secure the Kabul airport if US give them support, and Turkey want to Hungary and Pakistan soliders with them in Afghanistan." What is your thoughts about it?

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

We want complete independence and sovereignty in Afghanistan, and freedom can only be had when no foreign troops are present on our soil. We have waged a 20-year Jihad and struggle for this noble cause, and it is not simple for anyone to consider keeping military presence in our homeland because they cannot gain anything other than the experiences of the past two decades.

And just as Turkey along with every other free nations cannot tolerate foreign military presence on their own territory, we too, as a free and sovereign nation, cannot grant anyone such concessions.

We do seek cordial relations with Turkey and other nations, but never at the expense of military interventions.

- President Erdogan said that they can hold negotiations with Taliban also. But in the Doha Agreement, fully withdrawal of all foregin forces was agreed upon. Could you negotiate with Turkey about it, are there anything to talk upon about this issue as your point of view?

Erdogan saying that he will hold talks with us, we will convey to him the gravity of the situation and to avoid making such a mistake. The Doha agreement has stated in unequivocal terms that America along with all its allies (NATO) will completely withdraw from Afghanistan, and will not retain any presence except a diplomatic. We shall share our stance with Erdogan on the basis of this principle.

- If Turkey decide to stay in Afghanistan, what will your stance be? Are there any potential to negotiate and agree with Turkey about this matter? Will you talk with Turkish side upon this and say them "You can't stay in Afghanistan."?

I wish to repeat our policy once more that if the forces of any country including Turkey stay in Afghanistan, we shall treat them as invaders. We will not allow a single foreign trooper to stay armed in our country.

We will share this stance with the Turkish government as well, as we had previously shared with their diplomats through our channels. This is the position of our nation and it is the final word that cannot be altered.

The presence of foreign forces will only complicate the Afghan issue and prolong the war. We shall fulfill our responsibility in this regard, Allah willing.

Erdogan's statements

Turkish President Erdogan held a meeting with US President Joe Biden on 14th of June.

After the meeting, he made a statement about Afghanistan:

"I clearly conveyed our thoughts about Afghanistan to Biden. If we are asked to not leave Afghanistan and give support in the country; the diplomatic, logistical and financial support which will given by the US have great importance. Also, it is not possible to ignore the Taliban reality in Afghanistan. We can also (talk) many issues with them by various steps.

We conveyed our plans about to take Pakistan and Hungary with us, as well. We want that give support to the Afghan people without inducing any suffering. As for now, there is an agreement, there isn't any problem."

Source: Mepa News


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